Domain Names

A domain name is simply a web address, such as
We strongly recommend all organisations get their own domain name. If you don't already have a domain name then we can register one for you. If you already have a domain name then it can be used with our web builder. Not only will a domain enable you to give out a memorable address but it will also help your search engine listings. Additionally, you will be able to setup email addresses e.g. New domain registrations are normally live within 48 hours. Unlike some companies we will register the domain in your organisation's name. This is important as it means you have final control over the domain. Unlike some other companies who charge large penalty fees if in the future you want to transfer the domain to an alternative supplier we make no charge and will assist you in our normal helpful way.

Please note, if you are technical, you can register and manage your domain name yourself and we will tell you the DNS settings as required. However to keep things simple most organisations prefer us to do all the domain name management. Therefore we tend to recommend the domain be either registered by us or transferred to our care.

Registering a domain name:
If you know the domain name you want please go to the Domains tab (inside your account in the web builder). If you are unsure what domain you want then please contact the helpdesk. Please note most companies would use a .com (or regional localisation such as for UK companies). Most organisations such as churches, charities and non-profits would use .org (or regional localisation such as for UK organisations).

Transferring a domain name:
Most domain transfers complete in under a week. But depending on your current supplier it can take a little longer. It is very important you tell us if you already have email or other services on your existing domain name (e.g. The transfer procedure for a domain depends on the domain ending:

UK Domains ( and
Contact your current domain company and ask them to change the IPSTAG to DOTUKDOMAINS (it needs to be exactly DOTUKDOMAINS or the transfer will fail). Once this change has been made contact our helpdesk and we'll complete the transfer from our end.

Top Level Domains (.org .net and .com)
Please note a top level domain must have be registered for at least 60 days before it can be transferred. If your domain is less than 60 days old we may be able to help setup a temporary configuration to work with your site until it can be transferred.
Contact your current domain company and ask them to do the following:
1) Unlock the domain name (so it can be transferred)
2) Provide you with the AUTH code (sometimes called an EPP key)
3) Check the current ADMIN email address is a valid address you can access. If it isn't ask them to change it to your current email address.

Once the above is completed contact our helpdesk and we will initiate the transfer. A confirmation email will get sent to you. Please do not click any links in this email but simply forward it on to us asap. We will action it on your behalf.



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