To Upload Images:

  • Go to the File Library tab
  • Click the Browse button and locate the image on your computer
  • Select the image by clicking on it once and then click Open (bottom right of the Choose File box)
  • Select what size you would like (Small, Medium or Large)
  • Add a short description in the Description box
  • Click Upload

Once the file is uploaded you’ll get a confirmation message.

Adding Images to a Page:

  • Open up the relevant page for editing
  • Click roughly where on the page you’d like the image to appear
  • Within the Images tab click the camera icon
  • Select the image you want from the list
  • Set any formatting (such as Left or Right alignment)
  • Click Insert Image.

The image will now appear on the page. If you want to change the settings simply right click on the image.


For advanced info about graphic file types and limitations please contact the helpdesk.