FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

We're always happy to answer any queries you may have. However to save you time here are the current TOP TEN SUPPORT ISSUES

  1. I've updated my page but when I view the site I don't see the changes.
    If you have published changes to a page but when you view it you aren't seeing them please don't worry. Changes that you make to a page take effect immediately, however your computer cleverly remembers pages you visit to save time when you visit the same page again. (Your browser can display pages from memory faster than going to the web for the page each time.) This is beneficial for most visitors but can be confusing if you are the editor. Click the Reload or Refresh button on your browser while viewing (not editing) the out-of-date page.
  2. When I press return it leaves a big gap, why?
    Pressing the Return key ends the paragraph. Ending a paragraph is useful as certain formatting (e.g. alignment and heading styles) apply to the whole paragraph. However, if you just want to start a new line then pressing Shift+Return will prevent the gap.
  3. Can we use an existing domain name?
    Yes. If you already have a domain name then you are welcome to either transfer it to us (we then carry out all the necessary configuration) or we can give you instructions on how to set it up yourself. In most cases transferring the domain is the easiest option. The instructions differ depending on the type of domain and your previous company. Log in as usual then click Domains and enter your existing domain name for instructions.
  4. Can we have email addresses on the domain name? 
    Yes. Log in as usual and click Email Addresses to set up email addresses.
  5. Can I tell how many visitors the site has had?
    Yes. As part of the standard package we include full visitor statistics from the day your domain is configured to work with the site. Log in as usual and click Visitor Statistics.
  6. How do I make subpages? 
    On the Edit Site tab, next to the applicable page click Options and then Subpage Options.
  7. After changing templates things look a bit odd, why?
    If you have manually changed the formatting of content on your site then it may not look consistent in all templates. For example, if you change the text colour then subsequently choose a template with the same background colour then your text would appear invisible.
    The default styles have been carefully chosen so you shouldn't need to change them. However, if you want to change styles (e.g. font colour) across the whole site then the template can be changed on your behalf. This saves you time (because you do not need to manually change each page) and helps avoid problems if you subsequently change templates.
  8. How do I add more editors?
    Log in as usual then click Site Editors.
  9. I'm getting a popup blocked message, help!
    Follow the instructions shown on screen at the time carefully. The instructions must be completed in order, even if this seems counterintuitive.
  10. I've forgotten my password.
    Click Forgot Password on the Log In screen and instructions will be sent to you automatically by email.


Please feel free to telephone the helpdesk if you would like assistance with any aspect of your website, even if you would only like us to walk you through the instructions above.