Getting started

The web builder system is broken down in to three main components:

  • The Setup Wizard
  • The Site Manager
  • The Page Editor

Setup Wizard

You only see the Setup Wizard the first time you use the editor. The simple stages let you fill in your organisation details, pick an initial template and choose your first few pages. It takes just minutes to complete and all the details can be changed later if required. Once you've completed the Setup Wizard your site is ready for you to input your content.

Site Manager

This is the area you will normally see when you login. It lets you manage all aspects of your website. For example, you can create new pages, add files to the File Library, manage your email addresses and see your site visitor statistics.

Page Editor

This is used to input and edit the content of the pages. If you are familiar with a word processor (such as Microsoft Word) then much of the functionality will be obvious to you. As you start to explore the options you'll quickly see there are all sorts of clever things you can easily achieve, for example, you can add calendars, interactive maps, podcasts, videos, donation/payment options, etc.