Security Settings

Editing your pages is designed to be easy to do. If you're familiar with products such as Microsoft Word then many of the icons will be familiar to you and you'll find that very quickly you'll be able to create pages of useful information on your website. However occasionally some settings on your computer may prevent the editor loading. Normally this can be easily fixed and we are here to help. Please call the helpdesk team on 020 8949 6005 (international +44 20 8949 6005).

If you have a popup or script blockers such as Google / Yahoo / MSN toolbars then please ensure our site is permitted. If when using the editor you get a bleep noise this may indicate a popup window was blocked. You can try holding down the Control key (Ctrl) whilst clicking the mouse on the button that cause the beep as this sometimes bypasses the popup blockers.

Certain Internet security suites, firewalls and script blockers may also interfer with the web builder. If you are receiving an error message please make a note of it and contact the helpdesk who will be happy to assist.