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Click an icon above to read its instructions. 

The links toolbar provides easy ways to create links within your pages be this to other websites or to embed special features (such as links to email addresses etc.) When you click on the Links menu at the top of the editor you will be presented with a range of linking options. Before using most of these icons you need make a selection, this tells the editor what to apply the link to.

To make a selection: Type some text (or place an image on the page) click and hold down the left mouse button at the start of the selection then drag the mouse to where you wish to end the selection then release the mouse.

Removing links: Simply click within the link on the page and then under the Links tab click the Remove Link icon (a Red Cross). Note some browsers may require you to select the link before removing it.

To edit a pre-existing link simply click within the link on the page and then click on the Links tab then delete the link and recreate the new link.

Internal PageInternal Page creates a link to any of the other pages within your website. May be used to link to pages which do not appear on the menu. Can also be linked to a specific point in a page using the Bookmark feature (to create a Bookmark use the Flag icon under the Extras tab)

Usage: Make a selection, click Internal Page. From the drop down list select the page you wish to link to. If there are bookmarks in the page you are linking to you can optionally type the name of the bookmark in the second box. Click Create Link.

Attachment creates a link to a document (or file) in your File Library.

Usage: Make a selection, click Attachment. Click the appropriate file from the list.

Note: To upload files to the File Library first go to the File Library tab within in the main site builder (not the page editor).


Other WebsiteOther Website creates a link to other websites.

Usage: Make a selection, click Other Website. Type the full web address (e.g. Choose whether clicking the link should open the site in a new window (recommended) or open the site in the current window. Click Create Link.


EmailEmail creates a link to an email address.

Usage: Make a selection, click Email. Type the full email address in the box. Select whether or not to protect the email address from Junk Mail Robots. Click Create Link.
A note about junk mail: email addresses on websites are easily found by automated programs that send annoying junk mail. To help prevent this we recommend you do not type email addresses on the page instead type something like: click here to email us. Then select that text, type the relevant email address in the box and select the protect option, then click Save. The email address will still be usable but less likely to attract unwanted email.


FavouriteFavourite provides your visitors with the option to add this site to their favourites list.

Usage: Make a selection. Click Favourite.



Maps enables you to put maps on your site pointing to zip or postcodes.

Usage: Make a selection. Click Maps. Enter your postcode and choose the map provider from the drop down list. Click Save immediately to the right of the map provider list.

PaypalPayPal donation/payments links (to take online payments via PayPal).

Usage: Make a selection. Click PayPal. Enter the email address for the relevant PayPal account.  Type a description for the item (e.g. 'Special Appeal'). Enter the amount you wish to be paid (note leave as 0.00 if you wish the visitor to select their own amount). Click Create Link

You can register for a free Paypal account at


Amazon enable you to link to any product in the Amazon shop

Usage: Make a selection. Click Amazon. Enter the product Id (this is either the ISBN or the ASIN). Optionally enter an Amazon affiliate ID. If you have an affiliate account you can be awarded a small percentage of every sale made through your links.  Click Create Link

You can find our more about Amazon at and
You can find out more about becoming an Amazon Associate at: (USA) (UK) (Canada)


YouTube enables you to link directly to a video on YouTube

Usage: Make a selection. Click YouTube. Enter the YouTube video ID. Click Save immediately to the right of the YouTube video ID.

You can get a free YouTube account by visiting

Note: you can also embed videos so they play directly within your site. This looks very neat and helps keep people browsing your site. To embed a video use the YouTube option on the Extras tab (see YouTube instructions here).