Online Videos

How to make videos for use in your website via YouTube

  • Create a suitable video.
  • Export the video in a format acceptable to Youtube (see
  • Create a free YouTube account at
  • Upload your content (see
  • Once your video is uploaded you will be able to visit it on YouTube.

    For most videos on YouTube you can simply Right-Click your mouse on them and from the options select 'Copy video URL'. This is the most reliable way to get the unique video address. If you don't get that option then follow the additional steps below:
  • Look at the address in the address bar.
  • If your address looks like this: then the ID is everything after the final "/" symbol. If the address looks like this: then the ID is everything between (but not including) the first "=" sign and the first "&" sign (or the end of the address, whichever comes sooner). In both examples above the ID would be G_Lv-cnr1N4
  • Open up the relevant page for editing
  • Click where you would like the video to appear
  • Click 'Extras' then the 'YouTube' icon
  • Either
    • If you copied the video URL (in the step above) then simply click in the box and then Right-Click and select Paste, OR
    • Enter the YouTube ID for your video. (Be careful to enter this as exactly as given, observing upper- and lower- case, and without any spaces before or after if you are pasting it.