Amazon is the world's largest online bookstore. But they are so much more than a bookstore and sell everything from electronics, cameras and phones through to cutlery and clothes.

It's likely there are resources at Amazon that you could recommend to your visitors. You can link to any product on Amazon directly from your site. If you want you can even create affiliate links directly to specific products. If one of your visitors purchases a product via a link on your site then you'll get a percentage cut. Some people actually make a living from this! Here are the steps to get started:

  1. If you want to get paid commission (remember it costs no more to your visitors) you'll need to set up an affliate account. This is free and fairly quick to do. You can find out more and sign up at: (USA) (UK) (Canada)
  2. Once signed up they will give you an Amazon affiliate ID (make a careful note of this)
  3. Open up, in the editor, a page you wish to put a product recommendation on
  4. Add a Amazon link to your page (see below for step-by-step instructions)
  5. Monitor you Amazon account to see what sales you are making

How to add an Amazon link to a page:

You can link to any Amazon product without being an Amazon Affiliate (you just won't earn anything). Before you add a affiliate product link you will need to know your Amazon Affiliate ID and the product code (ISBN/ASIN) number for the item you wish to recommend. Amazon provide the Affiliate IDs when you sign up to their programme (see above). To obtain the ISBN or ASIN number for the product visit the relevant Amazon site and find the right product then scroll down the page and in the section called Product Details careful copy out the long number.

  1. Type some text or add an image
  2. Select (highlight) the text or image
  3. Go to the Links menu and click on the Amazon icon
  4. Put the Amazon Product ID in the first box and optionally your Affiliate ID in the other
  5. Click the small Save button

The link will now be created on the page. Note: links are disabled within the editor you need to view the site to test the link. If you can't see your latest changes remember to click Refresh.