Flickr Galleries

Flickr is the leading web photo gallery site and a great way to add photo slideshows to your website. When Flickr was bought (by Smugmug) they changed all the account boundaries. They are still a very good platform but you may like to try and get a Pro account free, see

  1. Free
    This limits you to a maximum of 1000 photos total. You can create albums to then embed as slideshows in your site. You must login once a month to keep it active or you may lose your account.
  2. Pro
    The pro account currently costs around $49.99 per annum (approx £40 / €45). This lets you upload unlimited images every month and short video clips too. Ad-free browsing. You don't need to login each month but you must remember to pay each year to ensure you keep all your images.

Adding photo slideshows to your site provides visual interest and allows your visitors to find out more about you and the activities and services you provide. Before you do so please ensure you have any relevant permissions from the people featured in the photos and that any photos with children or vulnerable adults comply with relevant protection policies.

A) Setting up an Album Slideshow:

  1. If you don’t have one create a free Flickr account at (if you already have a Yahoo id you can sign in with this). You may be best to setup a Flickr account in the name of your organisation rather than using your personal account.
  2. Upload your images (to show them in a slideshow they should be set as Public)
  3. Under the You menu, go to Albums and click Add New Album
    a. Give the Album a relevant name and
    b. Drag the thumbnails of any images you want in your Album into the centre area of the screen
    c. Click Save
    d. Double click on the Album you want to make into a gallery
    e. At the bottom left side click Open Album Page
  4. Get the Flickr embed code (this may be under a sharing option depending on your account).
  5. Open up an email and paste in the copied code send it to the helpdesk address stating which page (and where on the page) you would like it to appear or follow the instructions below to put it on a page yourself

*Advanced users may like to click the Customize this HTML link where they can set the size of the slideshow

B) Adding a gallery to a page 

You should be able to copy and paste the code provided by Flickr directly into the editable area of one of your pages. (Our system should automatically handle this and display the gallery rather than the raw code.)

  1. Login to the website editor
  2. Go to Edit Site -> Edit Pages (the list of all pages)
  3. Click Edit beside the applicable page.
  4. Click where you would like the gallery to appear.
  5. Paste the code that you copied from Flickr.

If you see code on the page when you have done this then something hasn't worked; please contact our helpdesk to investigate. (Even if you believe you can fix it, we would still like to know so that we can prevent the issue for other customers. Thank you.)

If you need any help just contact the helpdesk.