There are lots of great mapping resources available that can be used with your website entirely free of charge. However if you want to look really neat simply add an interactive map that sits directly in your page. You can have multiple maps showing multiple locations (or one map with multiple points if you like).

Here's an example map:

To create a map please follow these instructions:

  • Go to  
  • Enter the relevant zip or postcode (you may need to add the country code, e.g. UK)
  • Zoom in on the map and find the exact location required (you can swap to satellite mode to help you locate the building)
  • Click on the map in exact location (or right-click and choose "What's Here?")
  • At the bottom of the screen there will be a small box with an address in it. Click on the address. The map should then centre on the chosen location
  • From the left hand panel you can now click on the Share icon
  • Select the 'Embed a map' option (it will be on the 'Send a link' by default)
  • Select the size of map (medium is the default and is a good option for many sites)
  • Click the 'COPY HTML' button
  • Open up the page for editing (within our system) where you want the map to display
  • Click within the editable area where you want the map (maybe press Return to get a new line)
  • Press paste or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-V or right click and choose Paste.
  • The map should be visible on the page
  • Press Publish and Close (at the bottom of the page)
  • If you can't see your change when viewing the site remember to press Refresh (or Reload) on your browser

 If you need further help please don't hesitate to contact the helpdesk.