Online Payments

Our system makes it easy to accept online payments. We've integrated PayPal directly but any provider using plain HTML links can also be used. If you are a registered Charity or Non-Profit looking to take donations then we also have specific options for you. Please note whilst these services below should work fine with your website we are not specialist advisers and you may find for your particular circumstances there are specific options worth considering. The flexibility of our system enables us to support most payment/donation providers via a link.


Non-profit (charity) organisations


There are several reasons to use PayPal:

1. For the standard options you need to take payments via your website there are no startup, monthly or cancellation fees to use PayPal and you only pay a small cut of each transaction (check PayPal's site for exact details).

2. Accepting payments online with PayPal allows you to accept payments not only from a visitor’s Paypal account, but also through credit cards and e-checks, without needed to set up a separate merchant account to process credit cards.

3. For credit or debit card payments users don’t have to be PayPal members

4. Once you've setup your PayPal account it's so easy to put payment links on your website (see the Links menu).

5. PayPal offers secure online payment processing and is recognised worldwide.

6. Payments can be sent via email as well as via your website.

PayPal's member accounts include personal, premiere, and business accounts. If you want to accept payments online with PayPal, you should register for a premiere or business account. Here are the differences between those two options:

Premiere PayPal Accounts – Premiere PayPal accounts allow you to accept payments online under your own name. Premiere accounts are assessed a transaction fee for each incoming payment accepted.

Business PayPal Accounts – Allows payment processing under the business name (very useful for accounting purposes) and can have multiple administrators (helpful for treasurers/accountants/managers etc).


Once you've setup your PayPal account you can add links for payments from your pages:
Type some text on the page (such as Buy Now) or add an appropriate graphic
Select the text (or graphic), click the Links menu and click the PayPal icon, Paypal
Enter the email address associated with the PayPal account
Enter a description of the item
Enter the amount charged. If you leave this blank then the user can select their own amount (useful for donations).
Click the small Save button immediately to the right of the amount field.

UK registered charities can also register with PayPal to receive reduced rates.

Non-profits / Charities

USA Non-profits may benefit from:  or

UK Charities have a number of further options:  or